The shoebox full of wonders.

Fill a shoebox with stuff for a 5-9 or a 10-14 year old.
And that was all the direction I needed.

I have always thought that shoeboxes are excellent places to store amazing things.
EXHIBIT A: My fun box. Just  dug into that guy to get a fake beard and horns for my impromptu Mrs. Billy Goat Gruff Halloween costume. Those kinds of accessories are things you want to keep around, just not always in plain sight. Hence, shoebox.

Ok, but, as for this kid, here is what he or she is getting (still haven’t decided who to market it to….any comments welcomed!)

Everything. Well, except for the wooden dolls. But they were a last minute addition! Can't blame me for that....oh. I forgot the stamps too. Ok, so this is just going to be a partial picture. You'll have to use your imagination for the rest.

I am most excited about giving out toys that are handmade. First, the circus set, which I kind of miss making. I love the way that I would just draw something, cut it out, woodburn it, and, BAM! It would be a toy! Someday I will have my own woodshop…anyway…


Mini circus set

Then the new wood and stamp combo, a make a match game! I’m excited about this for sure. I feel like the possibilities are endless. Pirate money, counting coins, french words….Surely coming soon to the shop…

My first make a match game. Simple shapes.

Then, books. I thought this kid may already have some, but I wanted to give some chapter books that were fun to listen to. I firmly believe in reading to children, and I think these are two good books for that. Maybe for the older end of 5-9, but I think it’s nice to think about a present that can be used for later too.

Holes and City of Ember. GOOD BOOKS!

Ok, then you need to be able to do something. Create. Craft. GO CRAZY! Hence the stamps (which I didn’t take a picture of!) and stamp pads, crayons, paints, paper, and blank wooden dolls ( not pictured tragically!!)

Here kid. Have some ink. Non Toxic OF COURSE!


Make whatever you want with crayons, paint, and paper!!

And finally, this kid gets a scrap monster! (Like scrapezoid, found here…)
Oh how I miss making them!!! They are super fun!


So exciting!

This fabric that I found I remember getting when I was in Middlebury. Part of it was part of my costume when I was Princess from Mario Kart. And now it makes an excellent cape!

As far as the eyes go, I usually don’t do buttons but I like buttons on scrap monsters. The left one was a bit accidental, but I thought it looked cool like that,so I kept it.

And this guy has a secret!

Check it out: He’s got a secret pocket! Behind his cape!


Secret pocket!!!






I think secret pockets are the greatest. Maybe it’s because I had too many ski jackets that had them as a kid. Or maybe it is just because secrets are so fun.

I particularly like that this guy has one, and a cape.

Even heroes have secrets.

Or things they want to hide sometimes. Or keep to themselves or not share.



Well, what do you think? Will this kid like this gift box?
I know I did not put any candy in there, but I thought other people will definitely give this kid candy, not to mention, it hasn’t even been a week since Halloween! And I just wanted to give the best gifts I could think of.

Would you like this if you were a kid?
What if you were an adult? I have many more scraps….maybe scrap monsters for all for Christmas…

ok, work to do.

until next time, CRAFT ON!
Krafty Ellen


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