I made it: Victor the tree frog for my treefrog-trek’n friend.



Victor is the first Amigurumi that I ever made!
Inspiration: My friend Vincent, who is NOT named Victor.
Let me tell you about Vincent.
He is a really awesome guy!


  • is an amazing artist
  • plays a mean piano
  • once broke three ping pong balls in one night!
  • is a really good friend
  • and just came down to visit us.

He also works at Tree Frog Treks, a company that someone else I know very well used to work for. As I was flipping through patterns on the lions brand website looking for elephants (actually not random, more info to come later…) I came across this cute pattern for the tree frog, and thought, “Hooray! Vincent will love it!”

You see, I like making things, in fact, LOVE making things.
But I love it even more when someone will use the thing I’ve made for them.

Vincent said Victor will go to classes with him. I’m so excited!!!

Close up of Victor

So, Victor started as the pattern for this frog, found at the lions brand website (you have to log in to see it…)
I started his body, but could not get the legs. I mean, COULD NOT GET THE LEGS!
I literally tried 10 times to get even one leg right, and then decided it was time to move on. I repurposed the body as a pickle pin cushion for my sewing kit, and scoured the internet for another pattern.
And I foundĀ this pattern:

Roman sock's cute tree frog

The pattern is AMAZING! You’ve got to try it if you can crochet (and it may be worth learning how to crochet for these patterns!) Very easy to understand, tons of pictures of pretty much every step…just an awesome pattern!


As you can tell, Victor is a bit different from the picture.
First off, he has no pipe cleaners in his arms and legs…poor guy.

Victor's pipe-cleaner less legs all wiggly piggly

This was because we had no pipe cleaners on hand.
The suggestion of tying bread ties together to make a makeshift pipe cleaners was brought up, but I politely shot it down. I mean it would have been nice, but I thought Victor was worth more than that!

Even without pipe cleaners though, he can still show the love:

Victor with his love back legs in heart mode

This was the pose that Vincent made with him to show that he was happy to be made.

Victor’s eyes are also not according to the pattern.
I didn’t have those eyes on hand, and REALLY didn’t want to run to Beverly’s to get some.

So I crocheted them myself.
Magic circle style.

And I didn’t have any orange thread, so Victor was sewn up using red thread, which you can kind of see if you look closely. Boy was he a lot of sewing! 3 suckers onto each foot (4 times, once per foot!) then a foot on each arm or leg, then the arms and legs on the body, then the eyes….but it was worth it!

He is so cute!!!

Watching over everything!

And Vincent was very happy with him, which makes me happy.

Victor is at home already.

Victor was kind of a warm up; after crocheting him I’ve crocheted another Christmas hat, a cookie, a recorder case, more of an elephant, and started a few other projects. I expect big things out of him; especially because he belongs to Vincent, who I expect big things out of already.

We’ll keep you updated on Victor.
I suspect he’s going far.

One more picture?
This one is priceless:

Love it.

alright friends,
Craft on!
Krafty Ellen



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