SUP, Capoeira, Thai, and stamp three: House #1

All four houses in the first neighborhood

So my post is a bit late today.
That’s because Mr. Awesome Boyfriend man took me paddleboarding!

What is Stand up Paddling (SUP?) Pretty much what it sounds like; standing up and paddling on a board that can double as a surfboard if need be. We rented 2 boards, wetsuits, paddles, and lifejackets, for 4 hours, for only 70 bucks! Not bad.

We fell a lot, once we got out of the Harbor of course.
“Thank god we didn’t fall in the harbor water, it’s pretty gross.” Mr. Awesome Boyfriend Man.

Many experiences involved animals.
I chatted up some otters who were eating, then swore I saw a shark swimming after dolphins, disguising himself.
“It’s just what they want you to think, that he’s another dolphin. He’s got to be paying off the dolphins somehow.” Me.

But the best part by far was going under the boardwalk: STORY!

“Just go slow and weave in and out.” We’re paddling, on our knees now, around the pieces of wood that extend from the boardwalk into the water. There’s not much room to move around safely. Each post is covered with slimy ┬ábut cool things, including many large starfishes. Talk about Pirates of the Caribbean. If one of these posts suddenly came to life as an old pirate, I would believe it. Up ahead, boyfriend is going by the sea lions. And they’re mad. The closer he gets, the more they yell, until they all dive in right before he gets to where they are. I’m scared just watching it happen. A minute later he’s out, motioning for me to head out the same way, and to not be scared.

SURE. Easy for him to say. I think about Double Dare. “Go by these Sea Lions, don’t get hit, and grab the orange flag at the end of the dock and then hand it off to your partner….” Although a great image, it doesn’t help. Slowly I paddle and scope out the situation. There are 5-6 Sea lions all around me, mostly on the planks to the side and in front of me. Not sure what I would have done if there was one in the water. “Hey Sea Lions, I’m coming!” I yell out, hoping that they move? Of course this doesn’t work. They give me a look like, “Hey Lady, do you know how hard it was for us to jump up here? And you want us to move for you?”

123 GO!
Paddle, Paddle, Paddle.
The sea lions are furious. Roaring, Honking, diving in the water left and right. One just looks at me menacingly.
I get by where they are and paddle like hell to get out, not paying attention at all to where I’m going, until boyfriend points out that I’m heading for a fishing line.

I point out that I’m a great catch.
Le fin.

Then just enough time to eat some Garlic fries before going to Capoeira, and then Thai food for dinner. What a great date day! But, the stamps must go on!

So stamp three is house number one.

Stanford's house, House number one

From the picture at the top, you can see that there will be four houses in this first neighborhood. Whenever I had a scrap piece left, my first idea is to make a house out of it. Why? Not sure. Maybe because I don’t own one, or I’ve lived in so many?

Whatever it is, it works. I could make little house stamps all day.
Which, hopefully, will happen.
More houses are coming later. Have to pace myself you know!

And recover from Capoeira!

You know what to do: craft on!
Krafty Ellen


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