Stamp 6 is a square? or rectangle?

Every square is a rectangle.
But not every rectangle is a square.

Squares card

I love simple stamps and simple shapes. This set of ideas came during the French translation class I audited at UCSC. I’m thinking about going back to some kind of program that is a bit boring so I can have time to create! The doodles from class always make their way into stamps. Pretty fun. I made a whole set of circle, square and triangle.

There's the whole set, soon to be on etsy too.

Oh yeah, also, I started on my sketchbook.

I googled around and saw that people are actually using their books as sketchbooks, as in, drawing with them! I’ve turned mine into a story instead.

Remember my theme?
Greatest Story ever told?
So my sketchbook will follow the adventures of four, maybe five kids who get this assignment from their 6th grade English teacher:

“Write the Greatest Story Ever Told. Stories will be read aloud in class. No pictures. Only words. One page.”

So far I have three of the characters figured out, and two of the first three entries written in the actual book.
And I’m using these stamps as page breakers!

I also want to do something crazy with some of the pages, have pull out maps or stories or whole other books, not sure. We’ll see what happens. Pictures will be coming soon.

craft on!
Krafty Ellen


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