California knitting….on such a winter’s day???


The scarf is coming together!

So I know what you’re thinking.
Knitting in California?
Well, yes.

I am not going to lie and pretend that I will always be living in California.
Sure, I love being close to the beach, wearing my hemp sandals almost everyday, never having to use an umbrella, and having many vegan dining options. But I miss snow! And the cold, and the four seasons, and being close enough to drive somewhere to see my family.

So someday I will make it back to the East Coast.
And I will certainly need a scarf when I do.

And since I will be attending the first Thanksgiving in (well, when do you think it will be?) I decided this scarf needed to be made. And I was reading a book, The Friday Night Knitting Club, which inspired me to get the needles out again.

Knitting and knitting club book

Yes, I know. CHICK LIT!
But I do need something light to read in between programs and when I have a few minutes here or there. Don’t worry, I’m reading plenty of heftier stuff too; just got a book on the French Revolution, reading through some Milan Kundera, catching up on my Grimm Fairy Tales, and even considering starting a long distance book club.

But back to the scarf:
Simple pattern, knit 1 purl 1.
I love the look of single ribbing, though it is hard to see on this because there are two strands of yarn.
100 percent wool.
I am so excited about it!

Here is the start of the scarf, which is much longer now!

I should be done the scarf soon; some nice flying time took care of that!
What’s next for knitting?
Well, I just found a pattern for some nice slippers, so a few pairs of those.
Then a collaboration project, a blanket I think, for a little person coming to a world near you! (not my little person!)

And then, who knows. Maybe some yoga socks.

More stamps, make your own family feud, and Amy Sedaris info coming! I do have homework too you know!
Until next time,
Krafty Ellen


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