Something to do with curtains.

So the place I live has four ways of seeing into its small 10 by 12 space.
Window on the door, two side windows, and a skylight.
The window on the door is perfectly covered with a towel, when need be, but, honestly, if someone looks into that window, they are only going to be able to make out what is cooking in my crockpot.

And if they climb all the way up to peek in through the skylight, they deserve to see whatever they can see.

But the other two windows? Something had to be done!
And so I have.


Two t-shirts become curtains!

More t-shirt curtains! Also, my best girlfriend trophy in the lower right hand corner awarded to me from the Better Boyfriend Bureau.

To understand how this idea came about, one must first understand my love of t-shirts. It has been said that I would do anything for a t-shirt. That statement is mostly true. Eating a 2.5 lb burger at the Naked Turtle only became interesting when I heard about the free t-shirt.  Many a volunteer efforts have been pitched to people with the promise of a free t-shirt at the end (I must have at least 20 free t-shirts from just AmeriCorps NCCC!)

A concerned talk about my well-being (I had a stressful/semi-homeless time during college….) even began with a question about a t-shirt. In my eyes, I didn’t steal the t-shirt; we were the only team in the 3 on 3 tournament who paid the entry fee, so we deserved them. In their eyes, I stole it of course.

All that said, I’m fond of t-shirts, but now have so many that I can’t keep up with them.
Which is why I make things out of them.
I’ve got a t-shirt blanket, many a small creature made out of t-shirt scraps, and a bucket of t-shirts (yes, even here in CA) that were just waiting to be used.

But I was lazy.
So I wanted curtains quick.

So, the five minute (or less) curtain was born!


  • old t-shirts. Bigger sizes are better, because they are longer and are more curtain like. But it’s up to you!
  • Crochet hook (I used a size G) and some yarn or hemp (I used hemp because it is stronger) or a sturdy rope if you don’t want to/tragically do not know how to crochet
  • scissors
  • windows
  • hooks (I bought a pack at target for 2.50 I think. They are awesome!)


  1. Hold t-shirts up to the window and decide how many you need to cover it. Optimally it’s two, then there is less work. While you are quasi-measuring the window, go ahead and figure out how long you need to make the hemp/yarn/rope that you will hang the curtain on.
  2. Screw those awesome target hooks into the wall. These are the things that rope will rest on.
  3. Cut t-shirts. You know you have all done it before; sleeves off. This time, thankfully, you will not be wearing them around like that.
  4. Get going on that rope! If you are crocheting, it’s a simple chain. If you are cutting a rope, I hope you know how to do it without me telling you how.
  5. Ready for assembly! Tie one end of the rope to one of the hooks. If you have crocheted, you can slip the hook through a loop in the chain. That’s why I like a crocheted line in this case.
  6. Put the unattached end of the rope through the t-shirts. Make sure you consider what side of the t shirt you would like to be looking at, and which side you would like to expose the rest of the world to. Not a light decision by any means.
  7. Pull that rope tight. With my hemp, it was really quite easy. If you have a crocheted chain, you can again slip a loop over that other hook. If not, tie.
  8. Celebrate! Put the curtains in place, squish them to the side, pour yourself a glass of orange juice and call all of your friends to tell them how awesome and free your curtains were! Congrats, you just made some five minute curtains!

Curtains open. Looking out into my yard. My trophy is still in the lower right hand corner.

Kitchen window view.

So there you have it. Fully functional, albeit a bit cheap, curtains. I guess I can get away with it because most ¬†things in my place have a homemade feel (the table you see in the kitchen view picture) and my friends are accustomed to me making something to solve a problem, even if, most of the time, it’s not the prettiest thing to look at. But I like my curtains. My kitchen ones have quotes from a bookstore that closed before I met the owner’s son, and I like to think about what it was like. My front window has the best hair t-shirt, which always makes me thankful for my hair, and some kind of sleep with a vegetarian shirt. That one is a puzzle, and was apparently bought by me and found at my house by my friends. As the only vegetarian who has ever lived at my house, I guess it was me, but I never buy anything from Urban Outfitters. No matter. And I like the idea that these shirts are still wearable, for some kind of 3 on 3 tournament or something.

ok, off to eat left over food from a graduate party.
Craft on people!
Krafty Ellen


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