Triangle Stamp 8 and the best deal on fruit leather you’ve ever….


Thank you someone for taking this picture! Here's what I'm talking about!!

Ok, let’s lay the facts on the table.
1. I love fruit leather.
2. They sell it at Trader Joe’s, 55 cents each.
3. I’ve been buying them a lot.
4. I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way to buy them in bulk?”
5. I looked around on Still expensive.
6. I went grocery shopping last night.
7. We both saw the bag at the same time.
8. We got two bags.


Trader Joe’s is now selling “odds and ends” pieces of fruit leather. You know, like the seconds that aren’t regular enough to be sold in the strips. Tons of fruit leather, tons of different flavors (I think at least 7) and it’s only 2.49. It’s such a great deal that I don’t even know what to do. Except buy at least one bag a week.

Whew. ok, stamp time.

Triangle card

Stamp #8 is the last shape stamp that goes with stamps 6 and 7. I loved making this card and love all three stamps together or separate! I also decided to cut a whole bunch of carving rubber up today into squares and rectangles so I will be ready to carve once I start work. Unable to just “cut and run…..” I carved about ten new ideas. Coming soon of course!

Triangle stamp close up

Alright people! Go to your nearest Trader Joe’s, get some fruit leather, then you will be able to…
craft on!
Krafty Ellen

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