The summer of crafts: a plan.

So, I will have this summer off and will have plenty of time to craft.
I’m making that happen.
Even with Waldorf School, going to capoeira, two roadtrips across America, some French Immersion, farming, and general catching up with everyone on the east coast. Crafting will fit in.

To be proactive, I’ve packed some books to keep me busy:
Severely excited about this one. I’ve already read it and stared at the pages of the books I want to make. Just today I did some purchasing, and now have the tools. Look out! Krafty Ellen and books together? Very dangerous. Very Dangerous indeed.

And as if I needed more encouragement, here’s a book that explains books and how to market them. Not that I have the time for that now, but maybe someday!

These two are essential.

I just took up knitting again, and learned how to crochet, so these books are great! They have all the stitches I’ll need, some fun patterns, and some patterns that I don’t really like, which is actually a good thing, because I’ll learn how to tweak things to make something I will like.

Take this as a vow though: You will not see a scarf. Not for a long time at least; I am not starting with a scarf. There are many other things you can do with rectangles and I intend to develop more uses for that shape.

This one I actually bought before I could even crochet a “magic loop circle”

I guess you can say it’s my inspiration.

And I’ve made two puppets so far! (Well, three if you count the worm, but I don’t really count him. He’s not that hard, he’s not that cool, and I stopped halfway through, so he’s a glorified thumb cover at this point….anyway…..)

A snail and a fish.

Small victories.

Small victories.

But I’m also throwing down my needle hopefully and taking up some carving tools to make some handmade stamps.
And working on taking pictures.

Speaking of, I’m crafting more than I’m photographing!
Be ready for pictures of, semi-soon

  • green knitted bikini top (first wearable knitted object! Hooray!)
  • large knitted gnome
  • Jukebox Halloween costume
  • crocheted finger puppets
  • sleeping bag set for Singe Singe (he’s going with his father to Vermont for the summer….)
  • capoeira belts for the boys
  • dress pants for the boys
  • another friend for the boys (surprise sock monkey present!)
  • Pictures of prints from my very first try in printmaking
  • and more!

until next time, CRAFT ON!

Krafty Ellen


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