Recording, Take 1

Today was a rubber stamp day (pictures to come as soon as I find my camera….) but also a day to try out some voice recording. Ever read this book?

If you have, you know it’s awesome.
If you haven’t, YOU SHOULD READ IT!

Because I’ve always wanted to be a voice artist, and because I’ve always wanted to be a better friend, I have decided to read the chapters aloud and record myself doing it. Sending the files along to younger friends is the main goal. Making one a week or every few days seems a bit ambitious, considering this one took 40 minutes (well, not counting all the time it took me to realize how to edit.) But it was a long chapter. I like the idea of the book going to my friends in installments, but I’m not sure how they will handle it! I had a hard time putting the book down.

So much that, after two days, I am done with the first and second book in the series. Since the third one doesn’t come out in paperback until October 5th, I have some options: get it from the library (it is out in hardcover, I just don’t want to have one in hardcover and the others in paperback) or wait.

Although I’m not too good at it, I think I may wait.

If you are interested in recording your voice, for whatever reason, check out the program called Audacity.

Until next time, CRAFT ON!

Krafty Ellen


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