Make it!

Are you crafty? Or even krafty with a k?
I bet you are.
On this page, I hope to fill you in on some of my craft projects, more often known as tutorials.
I also hope to have people so excited about my projects that they decide to make the craft, then show me pictures of what they made.

We’ll see.
Stay tuned, and please, CRAFT ON!

Tutorials so far: Newest on top!

Make an “award winning” felted sweater bag!

Make your own snazzy water bottle cover!

Tape your own episode of Family Feud!

Make some rad t-shirt curtains!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. bluebutterfly10
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 11:39:23

    YAY Crafting!!! Dream job=Martha Stewart’s (minus the scandal and prison) Yay for blogging too! Do you remember clothing and textiles back in HS? lol! I might just have to add you to my list of reads 😉 Now that the wedding is over I will prob be converting my blog to a crafting one too…I still have a lot of last minute DIYs to post and recaps to keep me going on the wedding stuff for a while though.


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