About /FAQ

Who is Krafty Ellen?
Krafty Ellen is Kathy Ellen(<—entire first name) Davis, a 27 year old craftster.

Why Krafty Ellen? Why not something more specific?
Because I’m sanguine, and specific is hard for me! I have way too many interests, and bring new ones in all the time. That’s why something specific would never work. Under the umbrella of Krafty Ellen, I can cover it all. Open door .Endless possibilities.

Ok, Krafty Ellen, what kinds of crafts do you do?
Currently I’m working with: making toys out of wood, drawing, creating stories/writing prompts and games, making cards, knitting and crocheting toys and clothing, making sock monkeys, and making things out of duct tape that serve a functional purpose. I’d like to get more into fabric making, wood carving, making homemade stamps, and painting.

Hey, I like your crafts. Do you sell stuff anywhere?
I sell right now on etsy on a store on there called kraftyellen (kraftyellen is up! Click to see!)
DUE TO TIME AND CAMERA CONSTRAINTS, I’ve decided to sell things on custom orders only .With school, work, trying to write and learn three languages at once, I don’t have the time to post things all the time on etsy. Soon I will put up a portfolio here, with pictures of stamps and crafts I have available. Then you just need to contact me and let me know what you’d like! At that point I’ll make a listing for you, and we’ll be in business.

Has anyone besides your mother bought your crafts? And what do they say about them anyway?
Yes, people besides my mother have bought my crafts, although she is a big fan (Hi Mom!). Soon a feedback page will be put up so you can see!

What if I have an idea of something. Can you make it for me?
Sure! I’ll give it a try, as long as it doesn’t involve eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I don’t like them together. It’s just weird.

Do you ever do craft classes?
Yes, I would love to get into that. I’m working on some kids craft friendly classes right now. Contact me for more info!


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