Sorry… closed.

Hey everyone.

I know I haven’t been checking in on here.
Honestly, I’ve been pretty busy, and forgot to check back in.
I’m concentrating a lot more on writing, and still doing some crafting, but not as much.


Unfortunately, I forgot about my etsy shop too, and some people ordered some things!

To those people, I apologize.
I did not mean to not ship you your products.
I honestly thought I had deactivated my shop and my listings had expired.
Only today, when I tried to sign on to see something, did I find out.
And I know it’s my fault. I’m not putting the blame on anyone else.

I am going to take a break from selling on etsy anyway.
I don’t have time.

Instead, I  am just going to focus on sharing what I’ve made, and, maybe someday, I’ll sell some stuff again, but not until I have the time to keep up with the shop.

Right now I’m working, going to school, and working pretty seriously on my writing.
But no worries, I still have time for crafting!!
At least a little bit.


Soon some more crafts will be up here.


craft on!

Krafty Ellen


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