I made it: Basket from Plimoth Plantation


Singe Singe in the basket

For Thanksgiving, I joined the Schuetze family at Plimoth Plantation for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
The whole thing was really fun!
We toured the facility, which included an Indian village, a 1627 Colonial Town, a barn, and a Crafts area.
We mostly spent time in the Indian Village and the Crafts area.
Can you guess which was my pick?

The only display going on at the time in the crafts area was a woman working on stockings, using double pointed needles. I chatted with her a bit about knitting, stockings, and crafting in general.  She seemed to be excited that I knitted (usually people who are older than me tend to get excited about that.)

And, CONVENIENTLY, there was a gift shop attached to the Craft part!
I bought a book about games played in the 17th century, when the “make a basket kit” was shown to me.


Playing around in the basket.

Vert Vert in the basket

A few weeks later it came up again, in this conversation:

Me: “I’m not going to spend money on frivolous things anymore.”
C:”Right, like when you bought those things at Plimoth Plantation.”
Me: “Like what?”
C: “Like that basket weaving kit, and the Native American trivia.”
Me: “Ok, the Native American Trivia was frivolous (I have to admit it was a big waste of money…) but it has always been my dream to weave a basket. I’m serious! Maybe even a life long dream!”

And that’s what spurred me to make this wonderful basket.

The instructions said that it was easy, and it was!
Weaving is actually really fun.
And I think that it made me feel better (this was the only craft project I attempted while sick for a week in the middle of December…)


At first I wove a bit too tight, and the basket started looking like an urn!
But now that I’m not afraid of taking things apart and starting over, I took it apart, started fresh, and it came out great!

Note the contrasting color along the top….green of course.

Look at the skill.

It was supposed to be a bit bigger, which I realized when I had so much left over at the end.
But I think it’s a perfect size.

For now it’s at C’s, and is used to hold my keys when I go over.
What did I learn?

I learned that it is really fun to weave a basket, and that it’s hard work!
So now when I see those baskets at Whole Foods, I won’t balk at the prices! They are worth it!
And what’s next? Who knows….I’m going to keep my eyes out for more kits!

And what did the boys learn?

Nothin' in there. Sorry.

That there is nothing of interest inside the basket.

until next time, craft on!
Krafty Ellen



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